I. The Teacher Section.

This is for American volunteers who have joined Advent Taiwan in the past 15 years.  They can apply here to be the disciplers of ABS.  They will answer application questions and later on be interviewed and be qualified as the disciplers.  The disciplers will take the  Taiwanese disciplees on one to one basis.  The discipler and his/her disciplee is called a discipling unit.  Each discipling unit will meet once a week, each meeting will be 1 hour.  The meeting is a virtual meeting.


II. The Student Section

For the students who have attended Advent Taiwan before and have indicated “yes” in their response to accept Jesus Christ, they can apply to be the disciplees of ABS.  They also will answer a series of questions so that their age, maturity, English proficiency are gathered.  This information will be displayed in the web site for the disciplers of section I to pick the disciplees.  The disciplers have the initiation right to pick their disciplees.  The information pool is confidential and only people with security clearance can view.  Our design of the web site will only allow the qualified disciplers to view the pool of disciplees, to make the choices, and to make the contact with the chosen disciplees.



III.  The Bible Study Materials Section

This is the section that the Bible study material will be posted.  I will invite good people help to write the Advent Bible Study material. This material will be tabulated in various Christian maturity level.  The discipler of section I can decide what level of material to use for his/her disciplee.  This Bible study material will have window shopping type of display, easy for the discipler to browse and to choose from.  The discipler will send the disciplee the material.  They will follow the material in their discipling sessions.  Again, this material is designed for 1 hour per week.  It includes a scripture to memorize, an interpretation of that scripture, an application of the scripture passage, and a 2nd application that the discipler has to provide.